Nov 22, 2010

Government by Deception: Psychopolitics in Southern Africa

Although this book was written sometime in 2002, it is still an essential and most worthwhile read. 
The book touches on many aspects of life in South Africa, but with a psychological warfare emphasis. It describes guilt as a racial weapon. It predicted many things which have since come to pass. It was probably the first book to discuss crime in South Africa as a clandestine war against Whites Christians.  Its predictions about Zimbabwe have been borne out, including the chapter, “The Marxist Brotherhood”. In that chapter it was predicted that Mugabe's evil would spread and that other African countries would support him. In 2007, the world was stunned when the 14 SADC countries supported Mugabe in his "war against the Western world!"

Product Description

The end of colonialism in Africa was greeted around the world with great enthusiasm. But African independence in the last forty years has not brought the many hoped-for improvements in the lives of black people. Could the new problems facing Africa actually be worse, far worse, than anything in the past? Will the colonial era one day be seen as Africa's "Golden Age?" The most developed countries in Africa lie on its southern tip. South Africa in particular is regarded as the "super power" of Africa and as the only nation on the continent to ever have attained First World status. The political developments in South Africa and Zimbabwe might decide the fate of Africa as a whole. Many of Africa's leaders today repeat a propaganda line taught to them by the Russians. They blame all of Africa's ills on white people and on Western colonialism. This is the Great African lie. If black people continue to uphold this lie, they, as an entire race, may yet be discredited by the shenanigans of Marxists and dictators on the African continent. It is time for everyone to admit the truth. This is the first step towards solving the problem.

About the Author

From the Author, Jan Lamprecht: I was born in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), lived there until Mugabe took over and moved to South Africa where I have lived for over 20 years. It has always been obvious to me that there is not one ounce of difference between Mugabe's Zanu(PF) party and Mandela/Mbeki's ANC. Many people who know both countries have remarked on how trends in Zimbabwe precede those in South Africa by 10- 20 years. This website and my book are about the deception in both countries, of how they will walk the same path and why, in the end, whites, like the Jews in Hitler's Germany, will be singled out, persecuted, murdered and driven from the African continent as we enter the new, and Second phase of "Liberation". It should be remembered that from the first, whites in Africa had said that the so-called "Liberation" of Africa was not going to benefit the common black man, and that in the end, it was about a bunch of Marxists/Socialists being placed in power by Russia and China. Blacks in Africa are now far worse off than 40 years ago, and many of them flee to Europe and America in hordes instead of standing their ground and fighting for the principles they supposedly believe in. Most of Africa has fallen into disrepair and become a failure, and yet, one still finds people who somehow want to believe that South Africa will be different, even though the trend since 1994 has clearly shown that we are doomed to the same.

Customer Reviews

By JoAn Wilcox
It was with great interest I read the work of author Jan Lamprecht, a former Rhodesian who has lived in South Africa since the take-over by Mugabe in the early 1980's. I first read Mr. Lamprecht's work on the website, and found it easy to read, personal and informative.

When Government By Deception was completed and offered to the public, I bought six copies for friends of mine. Two of them live in South Africa. The others are from the states. All have found the book to be an interesting and informative read. They are glad to see someone offering some real information on southern Africa. Mr. Lamprecht has good sources of information and some very interesting interviews are scattered throughout the book.

If you like history, you will find interesting historical facts on southern Africa. The book was carefully researched and has many quotes by well known political players in this bloody and tension filled arena. Due to this book and articles by Mr. Lamprecht, the American people will, if they choose, see the many similarities between our countries. They will learn how the communists have pitted the blacks and whites against each other in a war that neither will benefit from. The destruction and suffering going on in southern Africa at this time will serve only a few who seek power and wealth for themselves alone. There is a message here for American's. This book will help you understand more clearly the signifigance of how little truthful news we are exposed here in the states, regarding southern Africa. How much do we hear regarding the brutal murders of some 1400 white Afrikaner farmers in South Africa? More recently the farm murders and the takeover of white farms in Zimbabwe are at last getting some attention. You will read about the workings of socialism and the potent weapon of white guilt. The importance of detecting the mind games and psychological warfare being used on the American as well as the African people each and every day.

I believe you will be surprised and perhaps shocked at some of the information presented in this book. It is an excellent buy, and a great effort by someone who KNOWS first hand what it feels like to see your beloved homeland painted "RED" with the blood of her people.

My suggestion to fellow Americans is to buy the book, read it, learn from it, and act on what you have learned.

By A Customer
This book contains true facts about how communism infiltrates a society and the intimidation tactics they use to make people cooperate with them. It shows how they use class and race envy as a tool to motivate people to their cause. This book shows the atrocities committed to both the blacks and the whites, and those who call it racist have definitely not read the book too carefully.Even on the website, the author shows the horrible tragedy of the many lives lost amongst all races due to the communist thirst for power at any cost. There is more to this story than race; its greed. The book will serve as a warning to Americans not to listen to the Marxism that is touted in the country that supposedly makes everything equal. In this book he shows how communism creates crop failure, and how it prevents any country, not just African countries, from fully developing their rich resources. While they blame their economic failures on drought, it is easy to see by the evidence this man presents, that though many countries have drought, it is how the land is managed that makes is prosperous, something that communism has failed to do.If you really are open minded to truth, this book will provide a true history of the region. Whether or not one likes the author, is not the point.

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