Feb 16, 2011

The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing, by Michael Mann

The author of this publication, Michael Mann, is often described as being a “historical sociologist”. This is his second book, the first being Fascists, - a book that explores the sources of European fascism. Some reviewers are of the opinion that both books should be seen as two volumes of a single work, as only then will the reader understand the forces that create and sustain organic nationalism, and who then propel it down the path of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Although the book is free from sociological jargon and impressive in its historical dimensions, well-informed readers will quickly notice that it contains numerous misstatements and distortions – (or are they clever deceptions?)

For example, in an extract that relates to South Africa, the following was stated:

“Indeed, murderous cleansing does not occur among rival ethnic groups who are separate but equal. Mere differences is not enough to generate much conflict. It is not Christians against Muslims that causes problems, but contexts in which Muslims feel oppressed by Christians (or vice versa). If South Africa had actually lived up to its own apartheid claim to produce separate but equal development of the races, Africans would not have revolted. They revolted because apartheid was a sham, involving racial exploitation of Africans by whites…” - page 6

The truth of the matter is that it was only a small sector of the African population that revolted, and the external malicious forces of Marxist-Communism had a lot to do with it! Today, in the year 2011, more than 16 years after so-called “democratic freedom”, this same sector of the population is still revolting! The same Marxist-Communist element, which the SA Security ‘apartheid’ forces were combating for all those years, is still trying their utmost to bring the country to its knees, under the false guise of “freedom” and “equality” for all.

Bear also in mind that the “separate and equal” development of African homelands within the borders of South Africa were rejected by Western politicians, who then utilized the power of the Western media to sway the entire gang of liberal intellectuals to also reject the concept of separate development for minority groups. Today these minority groups are being oppressed and exterminated by black racists under the pretext that it is normal crime. For more than a decade the normal crime was blamed on apartheid, -- until one day the ANC government themselves suddenly realized that apartheid cannot forever be blamed.

It would appear that Michael Mann is but one of the many liberal intellectuals of this world (‘n regte draadsitter), whose brilliant (but confused) mind has been tuned and shaped by the cunning propaganda of the International Judaic, - that obscure hidden hand, which knows perfectly well that there is no better way to spread propaganda than by flavouring it with a good spread of pure truth. It is after all, the best method to get the sheeple of this world to absorb the contents without tasting the poison!

Despite the book’s shortcomings, there is unfortunately no other ‘modern’ manuscript available that explicitly discloses the horrible truth that democracy has a dark (evil) side, especially in certain types of multiethnic environments such as South Africa. The author also admits this truth in a statement on page 2 of the book:

"Let me make clear at the outset that I do not claim that democracies routinely commit murderous cleansing. Very few have done so. Nor do I reject democracy as an ideal - I endorse that ideal. Yet democracy has always carried with it the possibility that the majority might tyrannize minorities, and this possibility carries more ominous consequences in certain types of multiethnic environments." (My own emphasis added in bold).

Here are two positive editorial reviews:
(there are plenty more on the Amazon page)

"One of our most distinguished political analysts has turned his attention to the darkest corners of political life, to murderous ethnic conflict. As sketched in this superb book, Mann's account of such cases is timely, provocative - who, for instance, would want to believe that ethnic cleansing bears the imprint of democracy - and ultimately persuasive. A must, if disturbing, read."
Doug McAdam, Department of Sociology, Stanford University

"Mann excels at describing the stages a regime goes through as it descends into ethnic cleansing or mass murder, how an initial plan to privilege one ethnic group over another is twisted and radicalized into the unintended plan 'd' --full scale ethnic murder--and how 'ordinary' citizens are co-opted into endorsing it." 
Rima Berns-McGown, The University of Toronto and the Canadian Institute of International Affairs

The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing
Author: Michael Mann
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521538541
Publication date: November 2004

Available from Amazon.com or Kalahari.net (South Africa)