Jan 28, 2012

“We Were There” by General Jannie Geldenhuys

The book “We Were There”, compiled by General Jannie Geldenhuys, is finally available on Kalahari.com, South Africa’s leading online bookstore.

The book contains 92 chapters about the South African Border War on the Namibia/Angola border (1966-1989). It is also available in Afrikaans, “Ons Was Daar”.

General Geldenhuys wrote the book - with the assistance of 62 others Generals, Officers, and soldiers, because they felt  the need to restore the honour of the SADF, as well as the true history of the Border War in South West Africa (Namibia). The General added that the SADF were the victors in the war, but - “they who were defeated are telling the stories... Our soldiers are not getting the respect they deserve.” 

The book is a monumental work that tells the truth about Fidel Castro, and other so-called truth-gymnasts. General Geldenhuys also said: “We are NOT going to be politically correct when we tell ours!Source

Incidentally, I’ve noticed that the English page on Kalahari.com provides no Product Description for this book. It simply provides the ISBN number, leaving out other essential info. such as, the Publishers Name, Publication Date, Book Format, etc… Viewers who land on the page are presented with another product to consider, immediately below the ISBN number, which in my case was, “Atlas of Changing South Africa (2nd Edition)” - first published in 1994 as "The Atlas of Apartheid", by A.J. Christopher.

The manner in which Kalahari.com presents this new book, without even acknowledging Jannie Geldenhuys’ military rank as “General”, demonstrates a rather impudent attitude, but this is the same attitude exemplified by the liberal South African media, as aptly pointed out by Mike Smith in an article published online, on 21 October 2011, on praag.co.uk.

I have nothing to add to this debate, and have taken the liberty of re-posting Mike Smith’s entire article on this blog:

The Border war continues...against the PC-Brigade

By Mike Smith - 21 October 2011

Nowadays, one can only stand and watch in astonishment how news and opinion is being manipulated in South Africa. The example I want to point out is the case of the new book being written by General Jannie Geldenhuys, former chief of the SA Defence Force (1985-1990).

General Geldenhuys, together with 62 other writers are writing a book with 92 chapters about the South African Border War on the Namibia/Angola border (1966-1989). The book is called “We were there”.

This book is a follow up of the general’s other book “Die wat gewen het” (Those who have won) or as it appeared in English “At the Front” (2009).

On Saturday15th of October 2011, the Afrikaans Newspaper Beeld ran an article about an interview with General Geldenhuys titled, “Die ‘klein generaaltjie’ is die moer in” (The ‘little general’ is f***ing irate).

The title of the article is carefully chosen. “Die moer in” is an Afrikaans expression that one cannot directly translate. It is also cursing.

Further it needs to be noted how the Afrikaans diminutive of “Generaaltjie” is being used as a humiliating way to describe “The little general”, almost as if the great general Geldenhuys was a nothing...a piddling character that just happened to be in charge of the SADF.

Also notice how the newspaper puts “little general” in quotation marks, referring to the experience of Jock Harris, at one stage the SADF commander of ground forces in Angola, about a time when a drunken Foreign Minister Pik Botha addressed the general like that during a briefing general Geldenhuys held at HQ.

General Geldenhuys is a gentleman or as he sees himself, a “diplomat soldier”. He never swears. And the thread throughout his book is his outspoken love of the troops who served under him and his respect for his enemy. He says his soldiers who served in the Border War do not deserve the politically correct brigade’s deliberate twisting and manipulation of history.

The reason for the new book is because the general and his co-writers, just like everyone who served in the SADF are sick and tired of the blatant lies, misinformation, manipulation of facts, etc that is being told today, 22 years after the war.

General Geldenhuys, mentions that the war should be seen in context and against the backdrop of the Cold War. South Africa fought a proxy war on behalf of the West against the Communist empire of the world a war in which the general has no doubt that an outnumbered and technologically inferior South Africa well and truly defeated the Russian, Cuban, East German, MPLA and SWAPO forces that were there.

The SA border war ended – not by chance- in 1989, the year the Berlin wall fell, Tiananmen Square caused major restructuring in China, The Russians withdrew from Afghanistan and the USSR ultimately collapsed.

South Africa’s victory over the communist forces in Angola played a critical role in these events and halted Soviet expansionism in Africa.

Because of South Africa’s role, both Namibia and South Africa have democratically elected, multi-party, non-Cuban, Non-Soviet model governments and a relatively free market economic system.

If South Africa had lost the war, these countries would have looked a lot different toady. One only has to look north to the other countries in Africa where the communists took over to know what general Geldenhuys is talking about.

As far as general Geldenhuys is concerned, his soldiers, colonels and generals defeated the Soviet/Cuban forces in Angola.

As he says about the Soviets and Cubans: “They left Africa with empty hands. All that is left of them are a few pieces of war scrap scattered throughout the countryside of southern Angola.”

He ends his book with the words, “I salute everybody on our side –killed, wounded or still alive, and all their loved ones”.

I, for one, salute the general back.

However, one person who did not salute was Beeld’s third rate reporter, Neels Jackson.

Hardly was the article printed in Beeld or Jackson had to climb on his soap box, screaming and echoing the PC-brigade’s, “...But, but, but, General...The war was wrong!!”

I wonder how much of the article was Jackson’s own writing and how much he was told to write by the politburo and his editor. Poor man probably had to rewrite the article ten times and in the end had his name attached to it.

Nevertheless, Jackson says the war was wrong because it was cloaked in lies.

According to Jackson, the motive was apparently to defend the border, but it soon resulted in “hakkejagopperasies”. The word means “search and destroy”, but directly translated it means “heel-chasing-operations”.

Shame. It must be embarrassing for professional Soviet and Cuban soldiers to be chased on their heels by a bunch of 18-19 year old conscripts...mere boys.

Nobody invited them to Africa. What were they doing attacking us? Why now get upset that we chased them down and destroyed them?

Were we supposed to sit still, let them build up their forces and then defend with all our might while they walk over us? Is only one side in a war allowed to attack?

I know that is what the cowardly communists would prefer.

They would have loved to fight us with our hands tied behind our backs, but to start an attack then cry when you get a bloody nose is just plain pathetic to say the least.

It is clear that Jackson has no idea of warfare. He cannot even get the basics of fighting right. Taking the fight to the enemy is an accepted tactic in any fight from boxing to modern warfare.

Another so called “lie” is that the official stance was that we were not operating in Angola. Well I remember that the operations in Angola were always very well reported in the SA media and on television. The war was kept away from the world by their own reporters, because they did not want to admit that South Africa was winning when in fact they wanted us to loose and die.

Another so called “lie” in Jackson’s article is the “demonic representation of the “enemy” ...

Note how Jackson puts “enemy” in quotation marks as if he did not see them as a threat or enemy...only the delusional general did.

What were they then? Friends? Did the Communist forces come to Africa to have tea and scones with us?

No. These Communists came armed with T34 tanks, MIG 23’s, AK47’s and RPG7’s. They placed landmines on farm roads in Namibia and also in Angola, not caring who they blew up. Today Angola has the highest number of amputees in the world, all black, because of these communist landmines.

The Communists wanted to violently overthrow the South African government and given the track record of gross human rights abuses in the USSR, GDR, Cuba, North Korea, China, etc...and the fact that more than 100 million people were murdered by communists in every country they took over in the past century, I would say they were definitely the “enemy” and “demonic”.

Jackson further says that a whole generation of white men were indoctrinated with hatred.

Hatred for what? If Communism, then maybe. I for one hate the ideology of communism with a passion. I hate what it has done to people and countries all over the world. If he meant hatred for blacks, then he is mistaken. It is a myth that the war was white against black.

Blacks were not our enemy, Communism was our enemy. We had several units of coloureds, Indians, blacks and Bushmen serving alongside us in the war. 32 Battalion, The black buffalo soldiers, was the most decorated unit in the SADF. Unita, our ally was run by Dr. Jonas Savimbi and was entirely black.

If we were indoctrinated to hate blacks as Jackson says, then why would we support them, protect them, fight side by side with them?

It is absolute nonsense that our war was against blacks.

Just a glance at the back of General Geldenhuys’ previous book shows the names of all the SADF soldiers who died in that war. Take note of all the black surnames in there.

Today, what I see in South Africa is not whites killing blacks, but the other way around. The truth is that the generation that was indoctrinated with hatred were the blacks who were told to hate whites by the lying communists. This hatred is still evident in South African society and is reported daily in Beeld and the rest of the SA media where we read about blacks raping, torturing, high jacking and killing whites every day...the exact thing the SADF wanted to prevent.

Jackson also states that the war was wrong, because it upheld an “unfair and evil system”...probably Apartheid that he refers to. This smacks of the ignorance of a third rate semi literate reporter.

Apartheid was declared “a crime against humanity” by the UN after the Communists using the black African, South American communists and  Arabs got it voted so.

However, they soon found out that making allegations in the UN is a lot harder than proving something in a court. In 1966 South Africa won an international court case in The Hague against those who wanted to make out as if Apartheid was “evil” and “unfair” in SWA (Namibia).

A 3000 page document of evidence from South Africa was submitted. I would like to challenge the likes of Neels Jackson to go and read that document before swinging wild allegations around about an “evil system”.

The true “evil system” with a clear track record of gulag concentration camps, mass graves, millions of political prisoners, torture, starvation, etc. was the Communist system.

Today there is no evidence of a single concentration camp built by the Apartheid government. There are no mass graves and not a single person has ever been found guilty for the so called “Crime of Apartheid”.

Jackson, in love with his terrorist masters, has the audacity to call Dr. Jonas Savimbi of Unita (our ally in the war) a “terrorist”.

Take note how Jackson leaves out the doctor title and simply refers to him as Jonas Savimbi.

Dr. Savimbi was a true freedom fighter who first fought against Portuguese colonialism and then against Communist colonialism. He first started off as a Marxist, but later fully denounced it. He was an intellectual who could speak seven languages fluently and help himself in six more.

Nevertheless, the failure that Neels Jackson is, explains further that four months of military training made him aggressive towards his wife. How utterly pathetic to use the excuse of military training for your own personal failure as a human being. He is probably still an alcoholic and  wife beater today and still blames Apartheid or his military training for it. I would like to interview his wife and family to find out how he behaves behind closed doors.

At the same time he attempts to steig the moral high ground by stating that he had a moral and religious objection to the war and therefore fortunately never saw the bloody side of it.

Well I wish he would then rather keep his trap shut about those who did.

As usual with these communist “useful idiots” as Lenin called them, Jackson follows the now fashionable line that “Total Onslaught” was a myth and that the “Red danger” never existed.

Neels Jackson’s ignorance is staggering to say the least.

For his information, the term “Total Onslaught” was coined by the French general, General  André Beaufre who was for many years the French’s  chief strategist and whose ideas and writings are incorporated all over the world, in fact in the US and  British militaries as well.

General Beaufre noted that the onslaught against South Africa was a total one fought on many levels such as the religious, academic, media, political, etc levels and that it was co-ordinated from Moscow. In order to counter it effectively one needed a “Total Strategy”. Success on the military battlefield was not enough.

General Beaufre wrote a trilogy of books, “Introduction to strategy”, “Deterrence and strategy” and “Strategy of action”.

His theories featured in just about all the intellectual courses of the SADF and were incorporated into virtually all the courses at the Defence Colleges.

This proves that the “Total Onslaught” was no myth, but a hard reality and the “Total Strategy” adopted by the SADF contributed largely to their successes in Angola and Namibia.

The only liars about the war in Angola have always been and still are the Communists and their lackeys such as Jackson. They lied about being there, they lied about their losses, they lied about their true ideology, they lied about their goals for South Africa, they lied about killing their own people at concentration camps such as Quattro, and they lied about killing and maiming thousands of civilians....

Truth is that under General Geldenhuys, the SADF was a highly respected military force, one of the ten best in the world, the strongest defence force on the continent, its successes on the battlefield legendary and anybody who served in it can look back today and be proud of serving in such a fine force.

Jackson sanctimoniously states that the lies of yesterday should not be propped up with more lies of today...

The articles are at the links below. Notice how the comments sections have been switched off by Beeld on both articles in order to prevent an avalanche of counter arguments. This is blatant manipulation of opinion and spreading of one-sided information. This is hiding the truth and lying of the worst order.



The above article by Mike Smith was sourced from praag.co.uk

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