Jun 15, 2012

Behind the Badge: The Untold Stories of South Africa's Police Service Members

Product Details:
Author: Andrew Faull
Publisher: Zebra Press
ISBN: 9781770220553
Pages: 304

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Product Description:
Every South African has a strong opinion on crime and policing, but most know very little about the lives and experiences of the average cop in the 185,000-strong South African Police Service. This book is composed of excerpts from interviews with current and former members of the service who, for the first time, share their personal experiences of life behind the badge. The book covers a wide range of themes, including reasons for signing up, training, policing under apartheid and transformation after 1994. It describes the experiences of solving cases, using lethal force, being shot at and losing colleagues. Policemen and -women speak frankly about the psychological toll of police work and the impact on their family lives, and gives startling insights into ethics, torture, corruption, sex and power. There is a mantra among police: 'What happens on the shift stays on the shift.' In Behind the Badge, members break through this wall of silence and reveal the hidden life of the police.

About the Author:
Andrew Faull is a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies and a reservist in the South African Police Service. He is the author of a book on diversity training in the SAPS, as well as numerous papers and articles on police-related matters.