Oct 13, 2012

Knot of Stone: The Day that Changed South Africa's History

Knot of Stone by Nicolaas Vergunst

Knot of Stone is a modern novel that begins and ends with an enigma—first a mass murder in South Africa, then a long-lost manuscript entitled the Sierra Nevada. In 1510, when the Cape of Good Hope was still revered as a Portal to the Indies, the Viceroy of Portuguese India was led ashore, attacked, slain and hurriedly buried in a shallow grave. The murder of Viceroy Francisco d’Almeida and sixty compatriots remains a mystery to this day. Was it the fulfillment of a prophecy or an act of poetic justice? Was it an ambush, a mutiny or even an assassination? And if so, was it instigated by Manuel I, then king of Portugal, or by a secret cabal within the Church of Rome?

Knot of Stone is a multilayered work with a complex plot; incorporating recorded histories, official documents, private diary notes, oral testimonies, dreams and prophecies. The story is divided into eight sequential sections—Arrival, Journey, Departure, Travel, Home, Digression, Alignment, Return —and includes a hundred illustrations, numerous emails and skype exchanges, as well as the actual messages from a clairaudient sangoma (traditionally, a healer empowered by the ancestors). The author also conceived, designed and illustrated Knot of Stone.

The first chapters of the book are freely available on the book's website: www.knotofstone.com

Product Details:
Author: Nicolaas Vergunst
Publisher: Arena Books Ltd (September 1, 2011)
Paperback: 454 pages
ISBN-10: 1906791716
ISBN-13: 978-1906791711

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