Feb 25, 2013

The dark side of the Kalahari: desert wildlife photographed at night by Hannes Lochner

The Dark Side of the Kalahari by Hannes Lochner

Hannes Lochner recently returned from a two year, 100 000 Km journey in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, capturing the life of a single leopard female and her struggle to raise cubs in this extremely harsh environment.

The Dark Side of the Kalahari is Hannes Lochner's third and latest addition to his book collection. This is more of a storybook than just pretty pictures, also covering the adventures of characters such as Luna, the leopard, in the main role. It is a 200 page book in full colour, which slides into a protective box, just like the first two books in this series by the same author. 

The book will be launched in July 2013, but can be pre-ordered, with a 20% discount, @ www.hanneslochner.com

Previous publications by Hannes Lochner:
Colours of Southern Africa (Amazon | Kalahari)

Here are some amazing pics from the dark side of the Kalahari:

The pictures were sourced from: www.telegraph.co.uk

Hyena at night in the Kalahari
"All my pictures are taken by hand without using camera traps," Hannes said. "To take the hyena picture I dropped my camera low over the edge of my jeep door. The hyena actually pressed his nose against it. Clearly I stayed in the car to avoid any contact or disturbance."
Picture: Hannes Lochner / Barcroft Media

“Sometimes you need to look past the lions, leopards and other big predators, and try to see the little things. I took this picture of a giant ground gecko Chondrodactylus angulifer) against the disc of the setting sun – it looks like he’s about to walk down the red carpet to the screams of adoring fans! “A giant ground gecko is strictly nocturnal and although it looks cute enough to cuddle, it can lunge and bite if threatened.”
HOW? Nikon D3S, 300 mm lens, shutter speed 1/2 500 second, aperture f2.8, ISO 200, manual mode.
Picture: Hannes Lochner / Barcroft Media

Owl in the Kalahari
An owl watches an insect in the Kalahari
Picture: Hannes Lochner / Barcroft Media

Lightning in the Kalahari
Lightning strikes during a storm in the Kalahari
Picture: Hannes Lochner / Barcroft Media

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