Aug 1, 2013

When Governments Stumble, by Ben Freeth

When Governments Stumble, by Ben Freeth
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RELEASE DATE: October 2013

Product Details:
Subtitle: Lessons from Zimbabwe's Past, Hope in Africa's Future
Author: Ben Freeth
Imprint:  Monarch Books
Publisher:  Lion Hudson Plc
ISBN:  9780857213747
Illustrations:  8pp colour plate section
Pages:  224

Product Description:
Ben Freeth established his credentials to write on this topic through his courageous and successful resistance to the bullying tactics employed by the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe to throw him and his family off their land, a story told in Mugabe and the White African (also available on DVD). He now throws his net wider to ask: what response should Christians make to corruption and injustice when perpetrated by governments? Justice is a fundamental aspect of the Judeo-Christian faith. Ben explores this theme through his own experience of government oppression in Zimbabwe, and through contemporary instances where Christians have - or have not - stood up to be counted. He considers the Biblical injunction to obey your rulers, and examines the issues of fear and complacency: sometimes Christians are compromised by their relationship with the ruling group. What is our duty? Most Christians feel powerless. What can we actually do, as individuals, and as a group?

About the Author:
Ben Freeth MBE is a British-born Zimbabwean farmer who successfully sued President Robert Mugabe in an international court in 2008. Since winning the suit he has been abducted, tortured and repeatedly harassed, and his farm was burnt to the ground. Ben is the author of Mugabe and the White African which tells his family's story. The story has already been the subject of a documentary which won Best Documentary 2009 (British Independent Film Awards), was nominated for the BAFTA Outstanding Debut Film 2010, and shortlisted for an Oscar in 2010. Ben has lived in Zimbabwe for most of his life and is raising his three young children there, together with his wife Laura. Freeth was one of 44 people worldwide who was invited to Buckingham Palace in 2010 to receive an MBE award from the Queen. Ben has appeared on the BBC TV Andrew Marr Show, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC TV HARDtalk, as well as speaking at a number of festivals on the subjects covered in his book. He has been instrumental in setting up the Mike Campbell Foundation which is striving to bring about the restoration of justice, the rule of law and human rights to Zimbabwe and other Southern African Development Community (SADC) nations. - [Source]

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