Oct 19, 2013

Africa's Laughter and Tears: Overland Adventure Through 26 African Countries

Publication Date: April 28, 2013

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Author: Martina Mia Svoboda
Photographer: Jaroslav Svoboda
Translator: Petr Kurfurst

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Book Description:
Visiting 26 African countries in the course of a single year has enabled the author to get behind the stereotypical picture of modern Africa. Mia Svoboda has written an excellent book about Africa, in which she draws on her exceptional experience of a long journey.

The issues are presented through wonderful stories about people she met on the way – people she talked to, people with whom she ate, danced, cried and laughed. Her approachability, her powers of observation and understanding and her ability to conjure up atmosphere and place have enabled her to see under the surface and to bring the real Africa close to the reader. The book presents a complex picture of Africa as Mia covers current problems of poverty, adoption of black children by whites, agriculture, pollution, deforestation, lack of water, endangered cultures and animals, western aid etc. She brings Africa and the West together in individual stories that remind us there are no black and white truths.

"I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa myself, but reading Mia’s travelogue has been the next best thing. She uses words so well, and with such empathy and humor, that you can easily imagine yourself there. Her book is a window on the culture, society, politics, religion and economy of 26 African countries and thus a panoramic view of Africa itself. All of this, and the cost of the ticket is only the price of her book!’

Abdul Hai Kakar, BBC - (Source)

Africa's Laughter and Tears: Overland Adventure Through 26 African Countries